Shopping Guide

  1. Product images. The product images on this site show the products photographed from the front (some exceptions apply).
    Products are photographed to appear as close as possible to their actual color, but your monitor calibration settings or mobile device color settings may display the color slightly differently.
  2. Consumption tax. All prices listed show the price before consumption tax is applied.
  3. Inventory is periodically updated to reflect availability.

Order limit

  • The maximum number of items you can purchase per order is limited.
    If your order exceeds this limit, please group your order into smaller orders.
    Maximum items
    You can order up to 50 items per order.

About the shopping cart

  • Items added to your shopping cart are stored in the cart for 15 minutes. Note that they are not physically held or reserved for you during this time. Items are only held for your order once you finish checking out, so we recommend completing the checkout process as soon as possible.
  • Adding items to your shopping cart
  • From a product’s details page, select the size and color you desire and click the Add to Cart button on the bottom of the screen.
  • Viewing your shopping cart
  • Click the Cart icon seen at the top right of the screen to view your cart contents.
    You will see a list of items you have added to your cart.
  • Quantities
  • Each time you add an item to your cart, one unit of that item is added.
    To change quantities, enter the desired amount on the shopping cart page.

Checking your order

  • How to check your order
  • When your order completes, we will send an Order Confirmation e-mail to the address you used when ordering.
    *The e-mail contains your order information; please double-check it to ensure there are no errors.
    *Note that the e-mail may take some time to arrive depending on server status. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail after some time, please contact the ixi:z Customer Service Center.
  • Checking your order history on ixi:z
    1. Click My Account in the menu at the top right of the screen to proceed to My Account.
      (If you are not currently logged in, you will be taken to the login page.)
    2. From the menu list on the left side of the my account page, click Order History to proceed to the Order History page.
    3. You will see a list of past orders. Click the Details button for the order you wish to check. The details of your order will be displayed.
  • Changing and canceling orders
  • Note that orders cannot be canceled or changed after they are placed. When ordering, double-check the size, color, price, and quantity.


Payment for your order can be made with credit card.
The payment amount includes the price of products displayed on the respective product pages, overseas shipping & handling fees, and other processing fees (if other services are ordered).
*Note that customs and duties are not included in the listed price. The buyer is responsible for paying inbound customs and duties fees. Note that there may be limits on the maximum import value depending on your country of residence.

  • Credit card payment (online payment) *No processing fees
  • Payment method: credit cards we support that allow single lump-sum payment are listed below
  • Your credit card information is sent over an encrypted SSL(*) connection and safely processed on the VeriTrans system. Know that your data is safe and secure. (*We use SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to allow you to submit your data in a safe and secure format. You do not need to worry about your data being leaked when submitting. We also do not retain credit card information. Know that your data is safe and secure.
  • Receipts
  • If paying by credit card (online payment), you will find a receipt in the package.
    If paying by COD (cash on delivery), the shipping company will issue you a receipt.
    Note that receipts cannot be reissued under any circumstances.
  • Changing payment method after ordering
  • The payment method cannot be changed once an order is placed.



  • Shipped by:
    Mainland China: DHL Express
    Other regions and countries: DHL Express
    Your package will include a billing slip and receipt (on one sheet). This sheet should be stored for 10 or more days after purchase. Note that there may be cases where delivery is behind schedule or where the item is no longer being sold, making delivery impossible. If that occurs, we will notify you by e-mail.

    Customs and duties
    Note that customs and duties are not included in the listed price. The buyer is responsible for paying inbound customs and duties fees. Only proceed to purchase after confirming the above.

Checking your order after it ships

  • Once your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail from ixi:z notifying you of shipment
    • Errors to shipping address
      If you made an error to the shipping address when registering, your package may be held at the shipping company.
      Please check the tracking number and provide the shipping company with your correct address.
      Note that if the item is not collected after a given time, the order will be canceled.
    • If your order is delivered while you are out
      Note that the shipping address for a shipped item cannot be changed.
      Products that are returned to us cannot be scheduled for redelivery. Thank you for your understanding.


A single order can only be shipped to a single address.
Even if you place multiple orders to the same address, they will not be bundled together. (Shipping fees apply to each order.)

Changing shipment destination after ordering

Currently, we do not support changing shipment destination after ordering.


  • Returns/exchanges
  • We begin packing and preparing your order immediately after you place it, so we cannot accept returns on the basis of changing quantity, color, or size, refusing the package, long-term absence, or other cancellation reasons.

    Please check your order before finalizing the checkout process.
    In order to make the COD process smoother, we may contact you to confirm the details of your order before shipment. [TO REMOVE]
    *Note that if we find that you have returned an item for unsuitable reasons, we may revoke your account privileges.
  • If you receive a defective product or the wrong order
  • If you discover defects in the product or receive an item different from that which you ordered, please contact the ixi:z Customer Center within 10 days of receipt. A team member will contact you with next steps to take. Please check your order as soon as it arrives. We will exchange the product for a new one or refund your order.



Product sizing

  • About the size chart
  • You will find actual measurements of the product on each page, so you can use these as a guide when shopping. *Measurements are taken with the product laid out flat. Note that, depending on the design or style, there may be some variation in the dimensions.
  • Basic sizing and sizing guide
  • Some items are listed with basic sizing distinctions (1, 2, 3, etc.) on the tag or elsewhere. Please refer to the sizing guide on a product’s page to see the intended body size and type for a given size (height, bust, waist, hip, etc.) Note that basic sizing differs from actual product dimensions; please confirm the dimensions before placing your order.
  • Alterations (hemming, etc.)
  • We do not offer an alterations service.
    Note that there is also no in-store alterations service. Thank you for your understanding.
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